Ive wondered before why and how has the whole social world announcement thing has become such a part of our lives. I joke w my bestie sometimes, its like if she didnt post the picture of her breakfast, she didnt eat. Its way worse when it comes to trips, events and relationships. It all has to be documented, announced, and shared or god forbid someone somewhere might not be in the loop of your personal life.

That ticks me off a tad. Are we so striving for constant validation and social approval that we have to provide evidence of life successes to the ones that we know or sometimes even dont know? Or share our feelings and emotions on a topic? How truthful are we about that? Not sure. Its always apparent to me that people who portray the most perfect lives are nowhere near that. Or people who scream about how they dont need or want nobody, actually mean quite the opposite. Where is the sudden need to share all that is coming from?

With all that being said, as a person who rolls their eyes when someone posts 18828272 pictures from their honeymoon instead of you know actually honeymooning, i am too guilty of posting on social media.

For some reason though i feel embarassed to post everything and all the time. Who cares??? That kind of thinking. People who do were either w me when the event happened or already got a photo report right after. Anyway ive compromised on sharing important moments of my life. Getting married, trips overseas, holiday snap here and there… but even then its like well, who gives a shit? So i make it my busineds to be entertaining.

Here is a cute little photo i took for our 2nd baby announcement (God bless Pinterest)… i think it was a success!

Or our Christmas card. Your stiff family photos wont compare. Here is something for the folks to talk about

I understand it aint for everyone and some will have something to say about the last one. But hey we didnt mean to offend anyone, if they did, well talk shit, be our guest. I dont mind. Why? Because ultimately, whatever you share w the public, you are asking to be judged. And its entertaining too. So lets all have a good time!