We all have been there: a boy turns down a date, a boss turns down a well deserved promotion/raise, a potential employer turns down a job opportunity. I have dealt with all 3 (and many more) but for some reason the last one (especially if you really want the job) usually sucks the most. It just happened to me too. Again. And it just blows.

In the matter of an hour I went through sadness, rage, disappointment, shame, rage and disappointment again. And now my shoulders dropped and im at a bar instead of the gym.

For some reason this “Oh you did great and they loved you, but they just feel for this particular role, you are not the best fit…” is just torture. I could never deal with being rejected, but with boys its easy, even those you like are usually not worth it anyway and there are so so many others. With the job hunting, when you actually get noticed among hundreds and hundreds of applicants and get called in for an interview, and it goes well, but then you are told thanks but no thanks… How?! And why?!

I feel like a failure.