I titled this post & category with a quote from one of my favorite movies “My Cousin Vinny”. Imagine Marisa Tomei say this? With a Brooklyn accent? Priceless!

I’d like to say I am a world traveler but I have yet to visit so many places. A few travels I’ve been on surpassed any expectations and made me happier, that’s a fact. So going on a trip (any trip) is always high on the list of priorities.

I know a man who never left the state of New Jersey. And let’s be real: NJ is wonderful but not THAT wonderful. He has never been on a plane and he doesn’t drive. He has no interest in either. And however much I like this guy (he is in his 60-s) I can’t help but feel some sort of resentment towards him. I think it’s ¬†because traveling and seeing things you will only see in other parts of the world enrich you like nothing else. Without that, without stepping out into the world, exploring other cultures, cuisines, languages, traditions and customs, one, however smart, in my eyes will always lack intelligence.

So let’s travel. Let’s find time and funds and get the hell out of where ever we are. In the end of the day, you will remember that crazy thing you ate some place exotic, not the extra few hundred dollars you managed to save.