My laser technician said something so interesting today. Mary (she happened to be a Russian Masha) said, there is nothing less social than social media. And I can’t help but agree with her.

When was the last time you had a real conversation with anyone on social media? Like a heart to heart? Not when you liked the photo of a brand new bmw they purchased? Or the picture of an engagement ring? Or commented on your “friend’s” baby photos? Let’s be honest, if you hadn’t seen your friend’s kid before it ended on FB you are not really friends eh?

Social media is not so social.

There has been a ton of studies that say that not only social media is a trigger for a huge portion of divorces in the country, but it also leads to depression and makes people feel unsatisfied about their lives in so many ways. Why? Because when you see your high school friend in Dubai all dolled up on a huge luxurious yaught you cant help but feel like such a loser. Or when you see someone from college who is posting pictures with his hot wife and their kids you get this nasty thought oh yea he’d have this gorgeous happy family. In the meantime it’s not displayed on FB or IG that this highschool friend has to fuck this old fat dude to party on his boat and wear designer labels; and your friend from college just found out his gorgeous wife has been messing with his best friend for the past year and his youngest kid could be not his at all.

It doesnt have to be that dramatic but bottom line is all the glamor and happiness is usually not that real. I know a couple that fight all the time, so miserable 6 days out of every week, two people who are on 2 different pages about everything but for some reason still stick together. Its so weird to see them being so angry at each other and so unhappy one night and then see a pic of their smiley faces the next day with a caption of what a happy couple they are. Really?! Such a lie.

From personal interactions with my friends (in real life not online) I have found that those you hear the least from on social channels are the happiest. First of all they have no time to post on social media, cuz they are too damn busy with their lives, and secondly, it’s more important for them to share (truly share) those happy moments with their loved ones. Not with random social media friends.

If you are of European (especially Eastern European) background, it also has to do with superstition. Like you never post your pregnancy photos until the baby is born and the baby is healthy and you are safely home. You wouldn’t share too many pictures of those special moments with your loved one either. Yes we are scared of that evil eye.

Yet I see this repeatedly. If it’s not reported to social media, it’s like it never happened or doesn’t matter. It’s odd.

We also are too familiar with what people call FB “announcements”: you got a new bf, its a big deal you need to announce it to the whole world; you got engaged – yep, status update and a cute picture to follow; pregnancy – same. When did we start caring if the people most of whom you might have not even met in person know that your life changed? I think it’s cuz we all want to be celebrities and social media gives us that illusion. In all honesty how many people actually care that you are preggo? 5? Tops! Why make a big deal? But no we want the world to know and we want people to “like” it and see for themselves how accomplished/successful/lucky we are. Especially when we don’t feel that way. Odd.

Guess what peeps. Look up from your phone once in a while to appreciate what’s next to you. Because that’s what truly matters.