Here it comes. The struggle my girlfriends and I had for the past 5+ years. We know we are not really overweight to a point where it causes physical discomfort, health problems, or prevents us from wearing absolutely everything we love ourselves in. Granted there are way more people in the United States that are over 150 lbs at 5’6″.

There are ways we can cover up all the imperfections, and dress up enough so that we look fabulous. Yet, under no circumstances will I expose my stomach and truth be told being at the beach in a bikini is somewhat weird, I don’t feel quite fabulous then.

And I have met a lot of people, men and women, that are not 100% happy with how they look but also are not 100% unhappy about it, stuck somewhere in between. And I have yet to see an article or a blog post about it.

My relationship with my body started very early in life. As a dancer from the age of 4 (till I was 18) I was always under pressure to stay in a certain shape. And that shape could not be achieved by eating desserts. Then dancing stopped, and weight gain sky rocketed. The problem is when you are in late teens and all your life you have been restricted by what you can and absolutely cannot eat, you let it go. And I did. And it was worth it. I ate what I wanted, and drank what I wanted. I didn’t become obese, far from it. But overweight, that I certainly became.

2 years ago I got motivated (by my beloved) to get in shape. I shed 20 lbs. It took effort, commitment and sacrifice. But the results are amazing and I love every moment of it. I still have 10 lbs to go but when you look significantly better than you used to it’s even harder to get back on track (excuses, excuses).

Now I certainly am an advocate of finding something to motivate you to make that step, even though your situation might not be extreme, to get in the better (let’s face it, the best is too ambitious and in most cases unattainable without a major commitment) shape of your life.

Obviously, there are legitimate reasons that might prevent one from getting where they want to be, such as health complications, injuries etc. But overall, I think it works for everyone

Here is what I experienced and what I think might help someone get off that couch

Let’s face it. People are shallow. And looks are important. When our parents tell us that people should love you for who you are? BS. They should, but they don’t. It’s the truth. When you are trying to meet people, or worse than that, date them, you will have a way bigger pool of better candidates if you look good. And by good I mean in shape, well dressed, etc. It does not guarantee a happy personal life, but I think it certainly guarantees a better chance in a more comfortable one. And what’s wrong with that? Beautiful women attract successful men and vice versa. It is just how it goes.

Health. The whole body positivity movement thing drives me insane. It is absolutely fine to embrace your body. We are all different and we are all beautiful in our unique ways: shapes, curves or lack there of, height, hair, eyes, skin, etc. Our personalities and demeanor are also what makes us so special. I feel terrified when I see a pretty girl blow up her lips or get implants. WHYYYYY??? Horrific accident or injury and yes I get it, but for someone’s validation? Not going to work, because acceptance has to come from within, but that’s another topic. The point is that in any society, anyone can one way or another be considered attractive – through their overall looks, body, their features, personality. But body positivity movement in the United States is out of control. Oh, I’m sorry, but in NO WAY can 250 lbs on a 5’6″ girl can be healthy. Yes, she might not have health issues now, but 5, 10, 15 years from now – it will eventually catch up. And no I don’t have to be a doctor to make that claim, it’s been scientifically proven that poor diet and lack of exercise (how else would you get to that point) is what leads to being obese (excluding major health complications). Oh and God forbid I am grossed out by the look of a morbidly obese person. Body positivists tell me I am an ass for feeling disgust. I’ll say this – people who let themselves go that much are not only reckless and irresponsible towards their own bodies, they are also dangerous because they make it seem that it’s okay to be that way for others, particularly children. At this point it has nothing to do with beauty standards. It has to do with common sense. So yea being in shape will certainly make you healthier. And why wouldn’t you want to be healthy?

You will smile more and every day will be more enjoyable. How can you not? You will like what you see in the mirror. You will hear more compliments. Trying clothes on will not be a hassle, it will be enjoyable. You will have more energy to do things. You won’t be as tired by the end of the day. You will be overall happier. I don’t know anyone who is into fitness and is miserable. Do you?

Sex life will improve. Yes, how can it not. With more energy and a more physically attractive body? Also that endurance. You will be able to go longer and faster (or harder, whichever you prefer). And on top of that the blood flow is way stronger giving you crazier orgasms. Tested. Truth.

Peers and superiors will look at you differently. Maybe some people don’t care. But it’s a proven fact that fit people are trusted and respected more than those who neglect their shape and health. Would you trust an obese person with your future? Would you rely on them? How can you?! If they can’t take care of themselves…Can you really be sure they are capable taking care of anything else?

That wonderful sense of achievement. How amazing is that feeling when you set a goal, work hard for it and then you reach it? It’s hard to compare it with anything. When a guy you like asks you on a date? When you get the job you have been wanting? When you pass a test you have been studying so hard for? That feeling is just beyond amazing. And yes becoming strong and having that toned body could be that wonderful goal that’s so attainable through healthy eating and working out. It’s not like you aren’t getting promoted because someone else is, not like you are not going on a date with that guy because he asked another girl. NO. You are in complete control of that success. It means that it’s only up to you! How rare is that in our grown up lives????

Chances are you will meet some fun, dedicated people. Yes, you will be bound to surround yourself by like minded people. People that are active, people that eat healthy, people that know what discipline and achievement is. And we all heard it before, we are who we surround ourselves with.

So get off that couch and take an honest picture of yourself with minimal clothing on. Do you like what you see? Honestly? If you can’t say yes, go for a walk/run. Right now