I just saw a friend posting pictures from her maternity shoot on Facebook. Photos were beautiful and both (or should I say all?) parties seemed soo happy. Joyful time.

Made me think about the time when I got pregnant and also the night I found out I WAS pregnant. I’m sure everyone has a different story. My friend found out she was pregnant unexpectedly when she went for a regular check up with her gyno. Another was just feeling off so she randomly took at a test at a WalMart store. Another was struggling to get pregnant so taking test #298374923653657 resulted in that FINALLY moment. Mine was different too.

My other half and I were on a serious health kick. No alcohol (which was hard for us drinking folks), exercise 5 times a week, very healthy diet (no red meat, no bread, no cheese, just healthy vegetable/fruitly goodness) – all that resulted in a substantial weight loss, increase in energy, and great sex life becoming amazing. We both had health issues (were told we did anyway) that supposedly made getting pregnant almost impossible. So birth control was not a part of the equation.

One cycle later I’m at the gym running my daily 5 miles and I just can’t do it. I simply can’t. Not the usual oh I really don’t want to.. Or it’s so boring. NO. It was the “i’m going to pass out if I make another step” kind of can’t do it.

It was so unusual for me. I never even got cramps or fatigue when I got my period (which i did 4 times a year tops). And my boobs hurt. They HURT. My friend’s first symptom was breast tenderness. That made me think…. So when I got home, I dived into the box with my pregnancy tests (I was trying to track my ovulation etc just to see if i even ovulate) and SURPRISE SURPRISE it showed 2 lines. One very faint. But it was there. It clearly was.

Knees weak, I couldn’t breathe for a second. Could it be?

And it could. My gyno walked in to the room a few hours later with the “Congratulations!” and we both knew we are in a ride of our lives!

Exercise had to be put on hold because of unexpected bleeding, diet adjusted even more, finances reevaluated, future replanned. The two crazy people that were not supposed to have children were now expecting one.

I know a lot of people struggle to conceive and we didn’t but what we (I should say I) experienced after was intense.

Now that we are dealing with the 8 month old who is uber active I’m thinking of that day when I did the pregnancy test and was floored (fell on the floor, literally) at the 2 strips that appeared. The happiest and craziest surprise of all